Our Services

We always strive to surpass client’s expectations, help them communicate their business ideas effectively to their target audience via an effective web-branding and marketing.

We create marketing that confirms a boost of ROI (Return on Investment). And finally, we create business relationships that last with our clients!

Whether you want qualified consumer leads, sales, calls, installs or more Facebook Likes, we can build an effective campaign for you. We provide pay-for-performance customer acquisition across a variety of high traffic online channels including Search, Social Media, Display, Contextual and Email Marketing. Pretty much everywhere you need to be, we’ll get you there – and YOU ONLY PAY FOR RESULTS!

Our pay for performance business model is designed so we get paid a commission for each lead or sale, so you pay only for results!  We deliver value by helping you increase online sales and leads, not just driving traffic to your website.  We have a track record of 0% fraud since inception.

Cost Per Sale – If you have an existing online retail store and are looking for more paying customers, let us help you build a successful online campaign.

We’re confident we can find you new, high quality traffic that will results in a significant lift in sales. Since you only pay when a sale occurs, you’ll be able to know that your ROI is secure.

We already have the distribution lined up for the following: Social Media (Facebook Ads), Google & Bing Search/Content, Premium Display/Media Buys, Email and Direct Site Buys. Plus we have a sophisticated tracking system to boot!

Cost Per Lead – Looking for new, qualified leads for your product or service? We specialize in promoting lead generation campaigns, partners and traffic sources.

Whether you have existing creatives or need help developing a page, we’ll do the testing and optimizing for you in order to find the right audience with the right messaging. Save advertising dollars and only pay for sign-ups from interested customers.

Pay Per Call – Allows you to connect live with potential customers on a real time basis. The advancements in technology and tracking makes this a very attractive and affordable channel to prospect targeted consumers.

Together we’ll setup the right benchmarks and triggers to run a PPC ad campaign for your business. Your ads will be promoted with a unique phone number that connects directly to your customer service call center.

Remember that you only pay for valid phone calls that meet your criteria – for example, length of call must be 2 minutes or more.

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